Collection: WoodUbend

WoodUbend moldings are furniture appliques that contain all the properties of wood. This means they can be drilled, sanded, painted, stained, waxed, sliced, and so on…

But what makes this product so unique is that once heated, it can be bent!
Transforming into an almost ‘putty-like’ state, these moldings can be bent, stretched and manipulated to fit the contour of anything they are applied to.
Using specific wood glue, WoodUbend can adhere to any surface including wood, stone, rubber and even glass. Moldings are perfect for any arts project inclusive of canvas art, furniture restoration and even interior wall décor.
There’s so much to choose from! With a range of over 3000 designs and more in the making, there’s a design available to fit everyone’s artistic preferences.

How To WoodUbend

Please be sure to warm all WoodUbend appliques with a hair dryer (a heat gun on low setting will also do the trick) before applying it to your project. Don’t try to bend it without warming it first, as it will break. To adhere to your surface – use any good quality wood glue. It is important to use actual wood glue. I use Titebond Quick n Thick. Warm it again after adhering. You will be able to paint or stain your applique as soon as the glue is dry.