Collection: Decoupage Rice & Tissue Papers

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  • Decoupage Queen
  • Paper Designs 
  • AB Studios
  • Calambour
  • ITD Collection

Decoupage Tips & Tricks

Paper has creases or wrinkles? No worries! They usually come out when wet with decoupage medium/gue, but you can steam them out as well! **Most papers normally look best with a white or light colored background to make colors and design of the paper appear brighter and more vivid.** However, if you want your design more muted or old-world, use a darker background.

Supplies: Mod Podge, or clear coat (water based), or decoupage varnish and glue. Taklon brushes work really well because they are smooth bristled. Surface to be decoupaged. Paper or napkin. Plastic wrap, brayer or felt squeegee.

Ensure your surface is clean and dry.

Apply the glue to the surface, generous but even to ensure the whole paper is glued down and to avoid bubbles.

Lay the paper down on the wet glue and smooth over with your hand--gently--or you can use a piece of plastic wrap over your hand or a brayer. Be gentle!

Apply glue in generous even strokes over the top of the paper.

Smooth out any wrinkles and bubbles but do not overwork the paper.

Let air dry or use heat gun to speed up drying.

If bubbles remain poke with a needle or other sharp object and flatten out gently.

Decoupage Queen and Paper Designs A0-A2 require special order, placed from the 1st to the 10th of each month. If you would like a large size, A0-A2, please contact me. My online store has preorders for the larger designs listed the 1st-10th. You would place the preorder and receive your order later that same month once they're delivered from Italy. Take me to the LARGE FORMAT PREORDER INFO!

**Choose a premium paper for a premium finished project.**